Lawyers who do not use investigators are really doing themselves a disservice. In this day and age, the lawyer cannot do it all, and those who are successful lawyers actually rely on experienced investigators who have vast knowledge.

Lawyers will not always agree but basically, they learn black letter law along with applying the law but that does not make them investigator. If lawyers would just get it in their head that they are not investigators but rather lawyers then they would probably win more cases. Investigators come from all different walks of life just like lawyers. Some think investigators are not as smart as lawyers, that is far from the truth as matter of fact investigators are much much more intelligent than a lot of lawyers, generally speaking.

And what I mean by this is the fact that lawyers tend to be intellectuals and that’s great and good but that does not make them investigators. An investigator has to put shoe leather to asphalt in order to go out in the field and locate percipient witnesses and or gather collect information or whatever else to bring to the lawyer so the lawyer can do what he or she does best which is turned it into legal ease.

So if you’re a lawyer please consider the use of an investigator,  likely it will help you very very much with your case good luck to you!

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